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★ Star ★

CODE:1.6.110. Handmade lasercut necklace with a star made of plexiglass, size:4x4cm.

♥ MuM

CODE:1.6.17. Handmade lasercut "♥ MuM" necklace made of plexiglass, size:4,5x5,5cm.

⚓ Gold Anchor ⚓

CODE:1.6.81. Handmade lasercut necklace with an anchor made of plexiglass, size:6x8cm.


CODE:1.6.82. Handmade lasercut necklace with three stars, made of plexiglass.


CODE:1.6.42. Handmade lasecut necklace with a lamp made of plexiglass, size:4x6,8cm.


CODE:1.6.65. Handmade lasercut necklace made of plexiglass,size:4x3cm. Tag your name in a necklace by sending us an email to